The BT710 Proposal

Initial Mobility Opportunities

CLICK HERE to download the NELSON NYGAARD report

These modern mobility solutions have the potential to reduce congestion in Alhambra and the surrounding communities, improve safety and access for all modes of travel, enhance transit connectivity and bring value and health to the impacted communities.  We invite all those interested to our roundtable or yours for a dialogue to move us all forward in a new direction of possibilities beyond the 710.  



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  • Any “north-south” transit line should be integrated (within a short walkable distance) into the current transit network which includes not simply the Gold Line, but also the San Bernardino Line. The previous transit suggestion being discussed failed to link a new north-south light rail to the current Metrolink network, something that seems shortsighted to me. Last year, Metrolink cut back its service to the San Gabriel Valley because of budget problems in San Bernardino County. Clearly, we need a comprehensive regional rail plan that does not pit counties against each other and that recognizes how many LA County residents are served by the San Bernardino Line.
  • Finally, we have a comprehensive set of proposals that gives a real alternative. I applaud the careful, holistic approach to transport, neighborhoods, natural environment, and commercial enterprise that is represented within!
    Yet, I also have one strong suggestion. I’m a resident of City Terrace, among the oldest East Side LA neighborhoods. The proposed “north-south” connections traverse right through our neighborhood, but offer no service. It doesn’t make sense to keep our community off your transit map! Please add us into the plan immediately.
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